Year in Industry Student: Tom Wall

Jul 22, 2015

Tom Wall

Pre University

Engineering Student


After completing ‘A’ levels at Brockenhurst College, Tom joined Gill as a Year In Industry student to gain experience of working within an engineering environment. Tom has experienced great success with his main project developing a data analysis programme. After completing the Year In Industry programme Tom will go on to study a Knowledge Engineering degree at Maastricht University.

 Tom-358.jpgWhy did you choose Year in Industry before going on to University?

I wanted to gain experience of a real work environment and the disciplines that imposes on you. Oh, and I wanted the money to help me through University!


Tell us about the projects you have been working on while you have been at Gill.

They have been quite varied from MaxiMet (compact weather station) testing through to MetStream software development and creating new data analysis programmes as well as doing the data analysis.


What has been the outcome of these projects and what have you learnt?

One of the outcomes was the data analysis programme I developed. This has reduced the time taken to carry out the data analysis from 60 minutes to 3 minutes. I was pleased with that.

The main thing I have learnt is how to ask for help and becoming part of a team. I am sure this is going to help me enormously at University and when I eventually get a job.


What have been the biggest benefits to you?

Those which I hoped to get from Year in Industry, namely experiencing the discipline of work, working to deadlines and meeting targets and objectives. Oh and the money.


Would you recommend the Year in Industry scheme?

Yes, definitely.


Do you think the Year in Industry has prepared you better for University?

Yes, it has equipped me with a more disciplined approach to work and how I undertake projects.


Would you recommend doing you Year in Industry at Gill?

It has suited my interest and skills very well so yes, I would.


What do you want to do after university?

I hope to do a 2 year master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence Development. Then, my main objective is to get a job-possibly in computer programming, although I am not certain yet. We shall see.


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