Year in Industry Student: Rory Jenkinson

Aug 24, 2015

Tom Wall

Pre University

Engineering Student

Tom Wall

Pre University

Engineering Student

Rory Jenkinson

Pre University

Engineering Student


Rory joined Gill after studying for ‘A’ levels in Electronics, Economics and Maths at Brockenhurst College. After completing his Year in Industry placement at Gill, Rory will relocate to Surrey where he will begin a 3 year degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Surrey, with hopes to continue studying and obtaining a Master’s degree.

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Why did you choose Year in Industry before going on to University?

I was uncertain exactly what university course I wanted to study and thought this would be a good way of clarifying the correct choice for me.


Tell us about the projects you have been working on while you have been at Gill.

I have done a lot of work on the high power WindObserver project; increasing its maximum measureable wind speed from 75m/s to 90m/s, which involved a lot of bug fixing and wind tunnel testing. I have also helped determine the calibration factors of the WindMaster anemometer as well as build/test some of the first test units of the MaxiMet integrated weather station.

 What has been the outcome of these projects and what have you learnt?

The main thing I have learnt from these projects is how to project manage and organise my time. I have also improved my communication skills with other team members; describing problems we may be experiencing and presenting viable solutions.


What have been the biggest benefits to you?

The greatest benefit was helping to clearly define what I wanted to study at University. This came from the work I have carried out and talking with colleagues who have also been through university and getting their advice.


Would you recommend the Year in Industry scheme?

Yes. It definitely improves UCAS applications and CV’s. The experience I have gained from a working environment will be invaluable during university and future employment.


Do you think the Year in Industry has prepared you better for University?



Would you recommend doing a Year in Industry at Gill?

I would, particularly for anyone going into STEM subjects and for me, especially for electrical engineering.


Best moments?

Best-Going to Southampton University and using the wind tunnel there.  Although it does not reach such high wind speeds as the Gill wind tunnel, it is much larger.


What do you want to do after university?

I want to build my career in Electrical Engineering. That covers a huge range of sectors but at the moment I am thinking about either Automotive or Energy, specifically renewable energies.


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