Year in Industry Student: Harriet Brien

Jul 08, 2015

Harriet Brien

Pre University

Engineering Student


Harriet joined Gill as a Year in Industry student in September 2014 after completing her A-levels at Bournemouth Schools for Girls. Harriet’s main project at Gill included improving test procedures. After completing her Year In Industry placement Harriet will attend Selwyn College in Cambridge to complete a degree in Geography.


Why did you choose Year in Industry before going on to University?

Two reasons. The first was to gain experience of a different working environment and the second was to help inform my future career choices between Engineering, Natural Sciences and Geography.


Tell us about the projects you have been working on while you have been at Gill.

I have been heavily involved in testing the MaxiMet weather stations. This has included writing test procedures and then carrying out the range of software, electrical and environmental tests in order to validate that the product meets the system requirements. I have also devised the formal test programme for a new range of liquid level sensors. I enjoyed using my own initiative to overcome challenges

Other things have been patent research and market research to help support new product development proposals. I also developed my own NPD proposal for a precipitation gauge which has entered the company’s ideas assessment process.

What has been the outcome of these projects and what have you learnt?

A lot of testing and I really mean a lot! An important part of the process is raising any non-conformances and working to a solution with the software developers.


What have been the biggest benefits to you?

The main benefit to me has been that the last year has supported my university applications study. It has also given me a good experience of a working environment and the money I have earnt has given me the opportunity to travel this summer.

Would you recommend the Year in Industry scheme?

Yes, especially if you have an interest in Engineering. I would also say that while on the scheme take advantage of any training opportunities, they have been really useful to me.


Do you think the Year in Industry has prepared you better for University

I think so. For me, it has made me a more confident person and it has also helped me look forward to doing more study at University.


Would you recommend doing a Year in Industry at Gill?

Yes, it is a nice place to work and has a friendly atmosphere. The range of Gill group companies has also been useful in offering an insight into a range of working environments.

What do you want to do after university?

I am not entirely sure. Geography is such a diverse subject that I can really follow what I enjoy studying and see where I end up. There is always a chance I will undertake some research after graduation.


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